Yearly self-portrait shooting stars. 2022

Acrylic on paper. 29 X 39 cm

Quand je ne peins pas, que je ne travaille pas pour gagner ma vie, que je ne ramasse pas les déchets sauvages, quand je ne cuisine pas, ou que je ne joue pas aux cartes, Je tricote.
Me voici, pour célébrer la saison, fièrement entrain de porter mon dernier tricot. Une création de la très talentueuse Maja Åkerström intitulée “les étoiles de Barbro”.

When I don’t paint or work to earn a living, when I don’t go litter-picking or cook, or play cards, I knit. Here I am, to celebrate the season, proudly wearing my last knit. A creation by the very talented Maja Åkerström called The stars of Barbro.

3 responses to “Yearly self-portrait shooting stars. 2022”

  1. I am a knitter since childhood (55 years more or less) and I’m so taken with both your portrait and the story behind it. Beautiful work, painting and sweater!

    1. Thank you so much. Knitting has helped me gain patience. It sometimes helps me pause whenever I am painting and need to step back. It’s been a great help whenever anxiety comes knocking on the door too.
      Thank you again for your comment, and Happy Christmas.

      1. I have found knitting to do the same things for me. There is a pace to it that it seems to gently guide you along with it. And, I love the feel of the yarn in my hands. Best wishes for 2023 and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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