La place du fort sous la neige. 2018

La place du fort sous la neige. 2018. J.Harms. 29 x 39 cm. Acrylic on red paper.

I love snowscapes, so when my village got heavily covered in snow a couple weeks ago, I immediately went out to take pictures. I wanted to paint it. Not many people were out and about, but a couple foot prints on the Place du fort, one of the two village squares, were proof that another soul had been here possibly pulling a two-wheeled cart of some kind.


Let it snow…


I love snowcapes. A couple years ago, I worked in a small hotel in the North country side of France. The place was magical. Not only was it built right next to a very old Church, but it had its own garden with ancient fruit trees and paved paths. These paintings are views from some of the rooms. The Hotel closed unfortunately but these views remain, I am glad I painted them.

The Prieuré Under The Snow 2010

The prieuré under the snow. Julie Harms

The Prieuré under the snow (2010).
Acrylic on paper – 43×62 cm (private collection)

At the back, the maritime pines, guardians  of the cemetery.
Children shouting  during their mid-morning  break in the nearby schoolyard.
The bells of Saint-Martin church.

Garden Under The Snow 2010

Garden under the snow. Julie Harms

Garden under the snow (2010).
Acrylic on paper – 43×62 cm

The view from room 7 overlooks the snowy garden of the Prieuré, quiet and peaceful. A wall separates it from the street. Further up the road, behind the farm wall, the water tower.

A Landscape Covered In Snow 2010

A landscape covered in snow. Julie Harms

A landscape covered with snow (2010)
Acrylic on paper – 43×63 cm
A road that leads to the forest  down at the back.
Memories of long walks.   The beginning of an adventure.

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