I remember a horse I drew on a black board as my first work of art.

I was 7 or 8 years old.

I remember my first art classes on Wednesday afternoons with Mr. Alfort. A retired amateur watercolorist, who lived in my village. He taught me how to use watercolors using old postcards of France.

I was 10 years old.

It was while working in Nagasaki, Japan, in 2009 that I finally found my artistic language.

There, I rented a small space above a Café / Art Studio called the Indies Art Club XXX. After long days at work, and providing I wasn’t too tired, I would crawl up the ladder like stairs at the back, and paint the neighborhood.

It was during one of those late night sessions that I painted O’kunchi, my very first true work of art. The painting depicts the traditional festival as seen from my balcony.

O’Kunchi by Julie Harms

I understood later on the reasons of such an artistic epiphany.

In Japan, without the need to focus on the language and the sounds, and the conversations, my whole attention was drawn to lines and colors. I could see better because I couldn’t speak or read. Certain bouquets of lines and colors started making sense. Like a poem in colors that sounds right.

Since then, on each of my outings, I seek the bouquets of lines and colors that resonates so well with me.

I speak both French and English, and grew up in both cultures. That is why my paintings sometimes are titled in one or the other language.

The titles spring up in my mind while I am working on the painting itself. They sometimes have a double meaning. sometimes they have nothing to do with the painting itself it seems. But all are chosen very carefully.

Highlights of my art experiences

The training years (1995-2004)

Pastel summer courses at the University of Boulder Colorado (School of fine arts). Metal work with a French master craftsman (compagnon chaudronnier), with whom I designed and created several metal sculptures out of zinc and copper. Art classes on still life with French equestrian artist Christian Lernould. Oil painting with French artist Hélène de Jessé. A professional training course in decorative painting in the South of France.

The professional years (2005-2022)

Decorative painting with fellow French artist Christophe Martin, in and around Paris. Redecorating Staircases, hotel lounges, restaurants as well as Parisian appartments and private homes. Completing grand scale murals and ceilings for the Hôtel de Crillion in Paris and the restaurant “Le Jules Verne” on the second floor of the Eiffel tower, among other things.

Artistic forays (2006 and ongoing)

Inspired by past-century “polioramas”, I have created several multicombination sceneries called “polypanoramas”. Linoprinting. Humoristic drawings about a hotel dog. Flower painting. Creating a 6th continent (365 postcard size drawings of an imaginary world.)


(2021) Collaboration with Michel Bohbot, art historian and contemporary art expert, leading to the creation of booklets mixing art and poetry and epistolary art .


  • 2023 Group exhibition on epistolary art. National archives, Formentera. Ibiza.
  • 2022 Senlis Art Fair.
  • 2021 Festival d’art sacré. Compiègne. France (group)
  • 2019 Le Grand Salon d’Art Abordable. Paris. France (group)
  • 2018 Senlis Art Fair. France (group)
  • 2018 Artamuse. Festival des arts. Château de Lamorlaye. France (group)
  • 2017 Art en fête. Senlis. France (group)
  • 2017 Senlis Art Fair. France (group)
  • 2016 Surface de contact. Exposition Franco-chinoise. Espace l’ISSUE. Paris (group)
  • 2016 Festival d’art contemporain. Prieuré Saint Maurice. Senlis. France (group)
  • 2016 Le Grand Salon d’Art Abordable. Paris (group)
  • 2014 Salon d’Art de la ville d’Agen. Centre culturel André Malraux. France (group)
  • 2013 Festival d’art contemporain. Prieuré Saint Maurice. Senlis. France (group)
  • 2012 Salon International des Expressions Libres de Paris. Ateliers Richelieu. Paris (group)