L’Assemblée. 2016

L'Assemblée. 2016. J.Harms. 30x40cm. Acrylic on paper.

L’Assemblée. 2016. J.Harms. 30x40cm. Acrylic on paper.

While visiting Edinburgh castle, I came across a group of very interested tourists, truly absorbed by their guide. I liked the cluster they formed around the knowledgeable kilted man.


Le Saint, les pélicans et le cycliste. 2016

Le Saint, les pélicans et le cycliste. 2016. J.Harms.

Le Saint, les pélicans et le cycliste. 2016. J.Harms. 29×39 cm. Acrylic on paper.         (Private collection).

On a Wednesday afternoon I was wandering around the old city of Crépy-en-Valois. The narrow cobblestone streets form a kind of maze in the old part of the town. For a while there I almost had the feeling of having gone back in time, until two pelicans and a light blue store front appeared  in front of me. As I was watching the peculiar sight, a young boy rode by on his bike. After all it was Wednesday, and there is no school on wednesdays.


The date 2014

The date. 2014. 44x24cm. Acrylique sur papier rouge. J.Harms.

The date. 2014. Acrylic on paper. 24x44cm. By Julie Harms. (Private collection).

Walking up the street to the Sacré Coeur, on a cold winter day, a happy couple. The man is taking snap shots of his date. The scenery is like something out of a fairy tale.

La Route Des Vacances 2013

La route des vacances. 2013. 17x24cm. Acrylic on paper. Julie Harms

La route des vacances. 2013. 17×24 cm. Acrylic on paper.  (private collection)

After spending a morning in Saint-Valéry (France), I took the traditional steam engine of the Baie de Somme to the Crotoy. Along the way it had to stop at Noyelle for a refill. The weather was steaming hot, a true summer holiday trip.

My Little Burano. The Yellow House 2013

My Little Murano. The Yellow House. Acrylic on paper. 5 x15 cm. Julie Harms

Here’s another small colorful painting for the “Little Burano” serie I’m working on.

The Yellow House. Acrylic on paper. 5 x 15 cm.

Florentine Composition 2012

Florentine composition by Julie Harms

Florentine composition. The yellow Crane (2012)
Acrylic on canvas – 90×85 cm

I visited Florence in February 2011. Unfortunately, my memory of this city remains blurry. I remember Gozzoli’s Magus, beggars, a Chinese woman wearing blue boots and selling tourists umbrellas, plenty of young Japanese enjoying the little free time they have after the end of their studies and before entering the work-world in which they will remain non-stop until they retire, the foot of a yellow construction crane, the neon placed along the walls of old buildings turned into hotels and trattorias, the rain, the cold …

Three Friends 2012

Three Friends. Julie Harms

Three friends (2012)
Acrylic on paper – 17,5×31 cm  (private collection)

On a sunny afternoon around le Bon Marché in Paris.
Wandering along Rue de Babylone, I came across a park surrounded by high walls filled with kids and strollers. The city tends to be  forgotten there.
Three friends walk up a large sandy alley,  discussing the world.

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