• Yearly self-portrait and bits and pieces. 2021

    Yearly self-portrait and bits and pieces. 2021

    Acrylic on paper. 2021. J.Harms. A collection of trees and greens, My face, That’s all folks (for now).

  • Le passage de la Fenêtre. The 6th Continent. 8/365. 2016

    Le passage de la Fenêtre. The 6th Continent. 8/365. 2016

    10x15cm. Acrylique on paper. Le voyageur continue sur son chemin, descendant la montagne avec précaution, il marche lentement. Ça vie dépend de ses pas. The wanderer continues his journey down the slops of the mountain…Upon the narrow deadly paths he walks slowly. His life depending on the light he holds and the careful steps he…

  • Le rond-point. 2016

    Le rond-point. 2016. J.Harms. 39 x 49,5cm. Acrylic on paper. This is the second painting illustrating my trip, this past January, to Edinburgh. It depicts a street near the famous Victoria street. I was struck by the geometry of this particular scenery. Triangles, circles and rectangles. I read a short essay on Bauhaus recently, and…

  • Le pignon orange. 2016

    Le pignon orange. 2016. J.Harms. 29x39cm. Acrylic on paper. I have had the chance to wander through the streets of Edinburgh this past January. The city inspired me very much, and I must say that I couldn’t wait to paint it. After spending some time walking on Calton hill, I spotted this very colorful house…

  • Jenny visits Le Primatice. 2016

    On a cold sunny day, my sister Jenny and I decided to go for a stroll at the Abbaye de Chaâlis. Half hidden in the forest, what is left of the abbey still stands, as well as other historical buildings. The small chapel in this painting has beautiful murals from the Primatice.

  • Maisons à st-Valery. 2016

    Maisons à st-Valery. 2016. J.Harms. 20×28,5cm. Acrylic on paper. With “Les volets verts”, this represents another view from the bay taken from almost the same position but at another angle. I love to paint views from a higher ground looking down. This painting is the last one in my short serie on the lovely town…

  • Volets verts à St-Valery. 2015

    Les volets verts à St-Valery. 2015. J.Harms. 20×28.5cm. Acrylic on paper. The church in St-Valery is situated on a hill overlooking the bay. From that point there’s a lovely view of old homes and a mile away, behind them , the shimmering lights of the sea.  

  • Today Nagasaki

    Today Nagasaki

    And a Happy Birthday to Sayaka Takahashi, one of its citizen, English teacher extraordinaire, who, a couple years ago, while I was working in Nagasaki, found a painting spot for me near my appartment, and by that actively participated in helping me find my artistic voice. Domo arigato Sayaka chan !