L’arc-en-ciel. 2021

Acrylic on paper. 49x41cm.

En hiver, on fait de la neige tout une histoire. Voici plutôt un arc-en-ciel audessus de chez mes voisins.

In winter, snow is overrated, rainbow over my neighbour’s home.

8 responses to “L’arc-en-ciel. 2021”

  1. Whoa!…
    Very nice!…

    1. Thank you Dave ! I think this might be the last painting for 2021…

      1. Well, it’s a jolly nice one!…

  2. Beautiful

    1. Thank you very much !

  3. I love the house with the shadows on it, but am a bit unnerved by the tree on the left – is it supposed to be puzzling and ominous and in complete contrast to the house?

    1. It is ominous. The late afternoon light was hitting the tree and the house in such a way, that the tree ( a birch tree) looked like it was cut in half. A very sharp and lemony green foliage on the top half, and a dark almost black at the base green, on the bottom half. It was very striking when I saw it. I hope I did a good job.

  4. Yep, seems like you did.

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