L’arbre me sourit. Michel Bohbot/ Julie Harms. 2021

Un petit livret en mots et en couleurs.

les poèmes de Michel Bohbot accompagnent mes peintures.

Merci Michel.

A small booklet with thoughtful words and vibrant colors,

Michel Bohbot’s poems illustrate my work.

Thank you Michel.

7 responses to “L’arbre me sourit. Michel Bohbot/ Julie Harms. 2021”

    1. Thanks a lot. I really enjoyed this project.

      1. I hope you will do more, I love combinations of words and art. And even though I can’t read the language (or I guess because of it) I enjoy the way the shapes of the words complement the pictures.

  1. Lovely stuff Julie!…

  2. Will the book be published?

    1. Thanks a lot for your comments ! Sadly the booklet is just one of a kind … But the whole experience of working along with a poet was very interesting.

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