On the road. 2020

Acrylic on paper. 29x39cm.

Quand le trafic est à l’arrêt,
je prend une photo,
je dois aller sur un chantier,
nous sommes une semaine avant le premier confinement.

When traffic comes to a stop,
I take a picture,
going on a job,
a week or so before confinement.

4 responses to “On the road. 2020”

  1. Un joli coucher du soleil? (Au dessus des nuages)🌞

  2. Whoa!… That’s great JH – and you are so very good with colour!…

    1. Dave Whatt, I think you are my greatest fan on WordPress !
      Thank you very much, your comments always make my day.

      1. But, but, you are so good at it, Julie!…

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