A forest of thoughts. 2020

Acrylic on paper. 48×61 cm.

Les pensées, vous pensez,
imaginez le nombre de pensées qui traversent votre esprit,
une vraie forêt.

Pansies, comes from the French word “pensées” which means thoughts.
Imagine the number of thoughts crossing your mind every day,
a veritable forest.

5 responses to “A forest of thoughts. 2020”

  1. Fait interessante 🤔👌

    1. Oui, n’est-ce pas ? 🙂🎨

  2. I love pansies for their beauty and because they mean spring to me. Your painting is beautiful.

    1. Thank you Claudia, I have been painting a lot of flowers lately. A couple years ago, I would have shied away from that particular subject. I realise now, how my perspective has changed.
      I will paint more nature in the future. I want to keep my mind open and get rid of a lot of fabricated misconceptions I had concerning my work in particular and Art in general. Again, thank you for your comment.

      1. I have been feeling the same thing – I think of it as I need to breathe new air (just what I say to myself to describe the feeling of the changes that are making). I love your recent paintings and I will be very happy to see where you are going with this. They are life affirming and joyous.

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