Self-portrait from afar. 2020

Acrylic on paper, 29x39cm.

For this yearly obligation, a reflection in the mirror of me on my « carpet studio ». On the right hand side, two paintings, François Glineur’s Portrait of VanGogh, and Noriko Aoki’s bouquet of fragrant Osmanthus. Two of the very first pieces of art I purchased, from artists that I admire.

6 responses to Self-portrait from afar. 2020

    • julie harms – Author

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment. To be honest self-portraits are not an easy task. I reluctantly put myself through this exercise every year. This year, I cheated, since one cannot really see much but a silhouette.
      I’ll be more thorough next year.


      • I really liked the oblique nature of your portrait. To me a person’s favored or personal surroundings are part of them. There is a whole story in your image. I enjoyed taking time and examining it, wish I could see the original.

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