Two point of views and a back way. Windows of Rye. 2019

Acrylic on canvas. 38×46 cm.

Voici le second tableau de ma série Windows of Rye. Au début de cette année, quelques semaines avant la première date du brexit, j’ai visité la petite ville mediévale de Rye au sud de l’angleterre. Je voulais peindre les différentes strates de cette ville. J’ai passée beaucoup de temps à prendre des photos des rues sous tous les angles. C’est au troisième jour de ma visite que j’ai réalisé que les fenêtres avaient une histoire à raconter.
Dans ce tableau, même si les deux fenêtres appartiennent à la même maison, elles reflètent toutes les deux un horizon différent. Un passage sur le côté, permet de fuire au cas ou.

This is the second painting from the Windows of Rye serie. Earlier this year, a couple of weeks before the first Brexit-date was suppose to take place, I visited the medieval city of Rye in the South of England, not far from Hastings. At first, I was interested in painting the different layers of the city. I spent quite a lot of time taking pictures of the streets from all sorts of angles. It was on the third and last day of my visit that I realised that the windows had a story to tell.
Although they belong to the same building,  two windows show opposite views. There is also a back way for those ready to jump over the wall.

7 responses to “Two point of views and a back way. Windows of Rye. 2019”

  1. I love the fact that the two windows tell two different stories, and of course, why not? Because their experiences are different. Your painting made me look at them as being alive, I love that.

    1. Thank you, your comments are always insightful, I appreciate that very much.

  2. Has people jumping over the ledge been a common occurrence?

    1. To be truthful, it looks more like a small wall, but what an interesting question.

      1. Ah- so they weren’t jumping to their deaths from the window- I was gonna say that would have been a very morbid factoid in your post.

      2. You are right ! The word ledge can confuse. I will modify the sentence forthwith !

      3. No biggie- I can b pretty morbid myself- as you can probably tell from my art 🙂-perhaps that’s why I interpreted that way- oops!

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