L’Abbaye. 2019

Acrylic on paper. 48x63cm.

Au début de l’année, ma soeur Jenny et moi avons visités l’abbaye de Royaumont. Comme d’habitude dans mon travail, je recherche continuellement un certain bouquet de lignes et de couleurs. A Royaumont, ce qui m’a le plus impressionée, sont les arbres alignés de part et d’autre du chemin menant à l’abbaye mais aussi leur reflet dans l’eau, et la quiétude du lieu.

Early this year, my sister and I went to visit Royaumont Abbey. As is my habit in my work, I am constantly on the look out for a certain bouquet of lines in all things or places I see or go through. At Royaumont, what I thought was striking were the very tall trees bordering each side of the path leading to the Abbey. I especially liked their reflection in the water too, and the peaceful atmosphere.

8 responses to “L’Abbaye. 2019”

  1. Really like the abstractive quality in this – its good that you can pick out such an interesting focus

    1. Thank you so much for your comment !

  2. This is beautiful. The trees made me think of opening hands.

    1. Thank you for your comment Claudia McGill !

  3. This painting is a favourite of mine. You’ve created a powerful atmosphere with the different architectures of trees, buildings and reflections.

    1. Thank you for your comment artsofmay !

  4. Oh, that’s lovely!
    For some reason I can see a bit of Edvard Munch in there…

    1. Thank you Dave Whatt !

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