House caught in a web. 2018

Acrylic on canvas. 38x46cm.

Plus je pense à mon séjour américain à Beloit dans le Wisconsin, plus je me rends compte que les tableaux qui en résultent sont un peu satiriques. J’aime donner à mes tableaux des titres porteur d’un double sens. Cela aide à voir les différentes nuances et pas juste l’image. Je me garde de moraliser et de politiser, je n’aime pas donner de leçons.
Force est de constater cependant qu’en vieillissant, ces sujets montrent de temps en temps le bout de leurs nez. Je crois que les artistes sont souvent des baromètres de la société. Leur travail informe de la santé d’une société à un moment donné.

The more I dwell on my “American journey” the more I realise how the paintings resulting from my visit last May in the town of Beloit, where I used to spend summers of my childhood, are turning into little satires, with a whift of symbolism attached to them. I usually like to play along with the titles of my paintings. Many have double meanings, I believe it helps those looking at my art to see all the layers, but I usually stay clear of incorporating politics and morals into my work. I don’t wish to give lessons. However, it seems that the older I get, the more these “questions” seem to want to show up now and then. Sometimes, artists are like barometers of society’s health and well-being. Through their work, one will experience the emotional sounds of the moment. well, there you go. Can one of you spot the spider ?

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  1. Nice to read your thoughts too !

    1. Thank you Peter Robinson for taking the time to read my thoughts.

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