Attention aux cactus. 2018

81×100 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

Une collègue artiste m’avait contactée il y a peu. Elle organisait une exposition dont le thème était “rêve tropical”. N’ayant jamais mis les pieds dans les tropiques et ne possédant aucun tableau “tropical”, j’ai décidé de me rendre un dimanche matin au jardin d’Auteuil à Paris. Ses grandes serres à palmerais étaient fermées malheureusement, mais pas celle des cactus.

I was contacted a couple weeks ago by an artist whom I exhibited with last year. She was organizing a show in a Parisian gallery and had kindly asked me to participate. The theme for the show was “tropical dream” . Having never been to tropical islands, And having absolutely no paintings resembling the theme, I decided to visit the Jardin d’Auteuil in Paris. Those of you that watch the tennis will know that Roland Garros’ courts are right across the street from those extraordinary greenhouses. The main one, resembling a little crystal palace, was closed for maintenance. It held the palm trees which I intended to paint at first. Walking around the gardens to the other smaller greenhouses, I came across the one housing the cacti. Beware of the cacti.

5 responses to “Attention aux cactus. 2018”

  1. I think this painting is beautiful. And I enjoyed the story behind it.

    1. Thank you for your really nice comment. They are highly appreciated 🙂

  2. I love it JH!… It’s heading for surrealism!…

    1. Indeed ! I didn’t really think of that, but now that you mentioned it I see what you mean. Thank you Dave 🙂

      1. Perhaps a bit Giorgio de Chirico, or Max Ernst?…

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