La place du fort sous la neige. 2018

Acrylic on paper. 29 x 39 cm

J’adore les paysages enneigés, c’est pourquoi lorsque la neige a recouvert mon village, il ya de cela quelques semaines, je suis vite sortie prendre des photos. Il n’y avait pas grand monde dans les rues, juste des empreintes de pas sur la place du Fort. C’est l’une des deux place de mon village.

I love snowscapes, so when my village got heavily covered in snow a couple weeks ago, I immediately went out to take pictures. I wanted to paint it. Not many people were out and about, but a couple foot prints on the Place du fort, one of the two village squares, were proof that another soul had been here possibly pulling a two-wheeled cart of some kind.

10 responses to “La place du fort sous la neige. 2018”

  1. Excellent composition to my eyes, Julie, and brilliant work on the snow. I love it !

    1. As always Gilles, thank you so much for your comments. You made my day !

  2. I think it’s one of my favorites of your paintings. It’s beautiful and it’s so expressive of winter cold and quiet.

    1. Thank you Claudia. I’ve always been drawn to snowscapes. Snow has a way of bringing out the dark earthly colors and disrupts the usual lines of a landscape. It’s almost like looking at a brand new version of it.

      1. Yes, I feel the same way. The familiar in disguise.

  3. Magical….. Thank you!!!!

  4. What fabulous work thanks for sharing it and for visiting my site

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments !

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