Sur le lac. The 6th Continent 11/365. 2017

Acrylic on paper. 10x15cm.

Le voyageur s’est abrité contre la tempête à l’ombre de la grande boussole. Il y a des barques a quai. Il embarque, et pars vers le sud.

The wanderer took shelter from the storm among the rocks that hold the Color Compass. There are boats on the shore. He borrows one and slowly rows towards the South.

5 responses to “Sur le lac. The 6th Continent 11/365. 2017”

  1. I love this series, visually, and for the sense of an epic they have. I wonder now what will happen to the explorer and the tiny boat?

    1. Thank you Claudia McGill, I also wonder what will happen to the little wanderer quite often I must say 🙂

  2. Very powerful and beautiful. The space feels huge though I see the actual painting is small!

  3. Bravo! Bravo!… Super composition too!…

    1. My thanks Dave Whatt ! As usual, you made my day !

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