November or Lili in the garden 2017

Acrylic on paper. 29 x39 cm

Voici la vue depuis ma chambre/atelier. C’est la fin de l’après-midi. La lumière est mauvaise, mais les couleurs du cornouiller sont flamboyantes. Lili, la fille de mon cousin, n’a pas peur de ce temps, elle joue dehors.

This is a view from my studio/bedroom. It’s late afternoon, the light is poor, but the flamboyant color of the dogwood is quite eye-catching, it brings a vibrant touch to this murky November day. Lili, my cousin’s daughter, is not afraid of the gloomy weather, she’s out and about doing what children like doing.

4 responses to “November or Lili in the garden 2017”

  1. I love this painting—the dramatic clouds add a lot for me to the scene below.

  2. I love this. This is my favorite time of year, November brings my birthday for one thing, and I think you’ve captured the essence of the month.

    1. Thank you Claudia ! The lack of light can sometimes be depressing though. It’s almost as if trees sucked it up from the atmosphere right into their leaves…..🙂

      1. I have been told that here in Pennsylvania USA we have more winter light than in parts of Europe and for me, I don’t feel that lack in winter thank goodness. I guess I feel November was created just for me since I was a little girl, and we have lovely autumn still going on with trees and so on. Your painting just went right to my heart for this reason and for the child outside as I remember my own childhood and always outdoors.

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