Tree House. 2017

Tree house. 2017. J.Harms. Acrylic on paper. 30,5x44cm.

Acrylic on paper. 30,5x44cm.

Il y a deux ans, une amie m’a fait visiter Andernos. Une destination très prisée par les vacanciers d’été. Nous étions au mois de février, et avons pu profiter d’un doux soleil d’hiver. Au programme, ballades sur la plage et dans les rues désertes, moules à la crème, virée sur la dune du Pyla et autour de la baie d’Arcachon.

Two years ago, a friend invited me to go on a trip to Andernos-les-Bains. A popular French summer holiday destination situated in the Bassin d’Arcachon. We went in February and were very pleased to enjoy mild sunny weather . We wandered the streets of the small town, with its typical beach houses, most of them empty at that period.  We also ate loads of mussels ‘à la crème’, and drove all along the Bassin, to the Cap Ferret, to Arcachon, and to the famous “dune du Pyla”.

I know exactly what you mean. There is a sense of – I struggle to find words – but is exactly that, it is perfectly done and sort of sizzling on the plate. I have imagined myself holding up a painting to people in the manner of coming in at a holiday dinner with a dish in my hands, myself, and I feel satisfied, some kind of tension is released. I know it is finished when I feel that.