L’îlot. 2017

Acrylic on paper. 50,5x41cm.

Je vis à la campagne entourée de nature. J’ai de la chance, mais la nature est difficile à peindre. Il n’y a pas de ligne géométrique réconfortante sur laquelle poser mes yeux. La nature est telle qu’elle est, indomptable et non apprivoisée. Sans superficialité. Ces dernières années, j’ai commencé à comprendre qu’en utilisant les lignes les plus simples et les tons les plus simples, je parvenais a illustrer la nature comme je le voulais.
Cette peinture montre la place de village du Plessis Cornefroy. On y voit un bouquet d’arbres, comme une canopée. L’endroit ressemble à une petite île.

I live in the countryside. Nature surrounds me, I am grateful for it but also wary when I have to paint it. I usually prefer urban landscapes, there is a confort in architecture and human geometry. The geometry of nature on the other hand, presents itself boldly, untamed, without any superficiality. It is just as it wants to be. Over the years, I have come to realise that by using the simplest lines and the simplest mix of colors, I have managed to paint what is an acceptable rendering of nature, to me at least.
This depicts a common landscape in rural France. The “place du village” usually situated at the center of a village, a cross section of some sort. A bouquet of trees and a cross , at its center, sometimes a bench or two on the sides. This particular one is in le Plessis Cornefroy, a very small village near Senlis. I used to pass through it when visiting a friend nearby. I always gaped at the trees, which form a perfect canopy. The place looks like a little island.

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  1. I respond to the lovely design, bold shapes and strong color, really nice!

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  2. Excellent work full of joy… joi de vivre!

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