The 6th Continent so far, 1 to 10/365

So far, the wanderer has entered the 6th Continent, walked by the towering peaks of Mount Calm, to the Stellar Bridge, where the walls of a mountain are carved to serve as shelters for the travellers. He has continued on his way  until he crossed another bridge over the Great Cloud Dam. Days and nights passed before he reached the  spectacular Light Catchers and the Ring House that serves as a power station. Using the Glass Tunnels over several miles he finally encountered the first camps overlooking the Great Narrow Mountain Pass. For days, the wanderer followed the paths down the mountainous land, when reaching the Window in the mountain, he knew he was near the Milky Lake reflecting the grey clouds and morning rise above its water. Keeping the lake on his left, he finally saw the Color Compass, and chose to rest before resuming his journey towards the South.

Julie Harms, 2016.

10 responses to “The 6th Continent so far, 1 to 10/365”

  1. Excellent imagery and imaginative story. Great work J !

    1. Thank you very much David !

    1. Thank you Outside authority !

  2. Wonderful, Julie! Just great.

    1. Thank you very much for leaving a very nice comment again. 🙂

  3. Storms always take you to good places!

    1. Damn auto correct. I wrote storks always take you to good place because I love storks and your bold painting , but maybe the mistake was an addition not a subtraction after all!

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