Les doigts jaunes. 2016


29x39cm. Acrylic on paper.

Voici une autre de mes tentatives de peindre la nature. Là où les lignes apparaissent très clairements dans les paysages urbains, je trouve presque impossible de les discerner dans un paysage buissonnant. Cette peinture représente le fond du jardin d’une bonne amie. Elle utilise de la paille pour couvrir ses plants de patates.

This is another of my rare attempts in grasping nature through paint. Where I find it easy to decipher the net of lines and colors in urban landscapes, I find it almost impossible in a bushy context. This is my rendering of the quaint corner of a friend’s garden. She used straw to cover her crops of potatoes…

7 responses to “Les doigts jaunes. 2016”

  1. I love the emotional depth to this. Gorgeous composition too.

    1. Thank you Richard. Nature wild or not remains a pictural conundrum. At first I wanted to discard this painting. Not sure what to think of it. The more I looked at it though, the more I saw something That I liked. The sharp contrast between the yellow “claws” and the soft curves of the greenery all around, illustrated quite well the grip I wish I had over painted nature…but as you can see the fingers are widely open and incapable of grasping much of anything. I’ll keep trying, eventually….

  2. I really like this one. It’s almost as if the landscape is a being in itself.

    1. Thank you Claudia 🙂

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