Le labyrinthe. 2016

the labyrinth. J.Harms. - Copie

Le labyrinthe. 2016. J.Harms. 45x60cm. Acrylic on paper.

I seldom use maps when wandering around cities. Needless to say I have often lost myself. Around the castle, two hills stand out in Edinburgh, after climbing Arthur’s seat, I decided to go from there to Calton hill. So, keeping that hill in sight, I walked and walked, and found a small path going up. On my left, over the roofs, a labyrinth of streets.

9 responses to Le labyrinthe. 2016

    • julie harms – Author

      Thank you Claudia. Edinburgh is a city I enjoyed being lost in. It offers many views with interesting perspectives. There is also a mix of contemporary and old medieval architecture that works quite well I think.Definitely a place I will enjoy visiting again.


    • julie harms – Author

      Dear Richard, The composition was key in this painting. I must lament on the bad quality of the photograph, though. This technicality has been plaguing me ever since I’ve started posting. So, needless to say that a positively lyrical comment such as yours, is always welcome. Thank you.

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