Le labyrinthe. 2016

the labyrinth. J.Harms. - Copie

45x60cm. Acrylic on paper.

J’utilise rarement des cartes quand je visite un nouvel endroit. Je me suis souvent perdue. Autour du chateau d’Edimbourg, deux collines s’élèvent. Après être passée par le Siège d’Arthur, je décide de me diriger vers Calton Hill. J’ai suivi un petit chemin en côte serpentant derrière des immeubles, et là, au dessus des toits, c’est comme un labyrinthe.

I seldom use maps when wandering around cities. Needless to say I have often lost myself. Around the castle, two hills stand out in Edinburgh, after climbing Arthur’s seat, I decided to go from there to Calton hill. So, keeping that hill in sight, I walked and walked, and found a small path going up. On my left, over the roofs, a labyrinth of streets.

9 responses to “Le labyrinthe. 2016”

  1. I love this, the picture and the story. Happens to me, too. I love the viewpoint in this one – what a sense of being high up and above it all.

    1. Thank you Claudia. Edinburgh is a city I enjoyed being lost in. It offers many views with interesting perspectives. There is also a mix of contemporary and old medieval architecture that works quite well I think.Definitely a place I will enjoy visiting again.

      1. Your painting whetted my curiosity about the city!

  2. Absolutely brilliant – such an exciting composition.

    1. Dear Richard, The composition was key in this painting. I must lament on the bad quality of the photograph, though. This technicality has been plaguing me ever since I’ve started posting. So, needless to say that a positively lyrical comment such as yours, is always welcome. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much !

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