Le roi des elfes. 2016

le roi des elfes. J.Harms. - Copie

28,5x39cm. Acrylic on paper.

Je cherchais une boutique de laine à Edimbourg. J’avais oublié l’adresse exacte, tout ce dont je me souvenais c’est qu’elle se trouvait au nord de la ville, dans une zone residentielle. J’ai marché plusieurs heures, j’ai flâné, et j’ai vu le roi des elfes.

I was on the look out for a wool shop downtown Edinburgh. I had forgotten the exact address of the place, all I could remember was that it was situated on the northern part of the city, in a residential area, and since I had time on my hands, I just went, hoping somehow that I would  encounter it along the way. That day I walked several hours, strolling along the streets, when I came across the king of the Elves.

7 responses to “Le roi des elfes. 2016”

  1. I love this. Magic still exists! And what great colors this painting has.

    1. Thank you for such positive feedback, I truly appreciate it 🙂

  2. Wonderful – I really like the composition.

  3. Whoa!… Like that!…

    1. As always Dave, thank you 🙂

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