Le barrage à Nuages. The 6th Continent 4/365. 2015

Le barrage à nuages. 2015. J.Harms. 10x15cm. Acrylic on paper.

10x15cm. Acrylic on paper.

Il y a une communauté en amérique du sud qui utilise des filets pour extraire l’eau du brouillard qui les couvre pendant la nuit. L’eau est précieuse, et nous la gâchons souvent. Je crois qu’un jour, nous serons obligés de la “récolter”.

There is a community in South America that uses nets to extract water from the fog that covers their hills during the night. Water is such a precious ressource, we waste it a lot, it melts a lot, I think it is possible that one day, it will have to be “harvested”.

7 responses to “Le barrage à Nuages. The 6th Continent 4/365. 2015”

  1. I love the image and the fact that it illustrates a place constructed out of thought, and very thoughtful, too. (Hope that makes sense??) I especially like the clouds.

  2. I never heard that about the nets and the fog. Amazing.

    1. Human ingenuity is extraordinary.

      1. I won’t argue.

  3. Love your style. You use of color and treatment of subject is refreshing.

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