Yearly self-portrait 2015

Yearly self-portrait. 2015.

Yearly self-portrait 2015. J.Harms. Acrylic on red paper. 29×39 cm .

I decided to paint a portrait of myself once every year. I don’t exactly know why I decided to do this, but I think it’s an interesting idea. It reminds me, now that I think of it, of a family portrait a Chinese father and daughter posed for, once every year, at the exact same place, over decades. I remember reading this somewhere, and thinking that it was a great way to show the passage of time. Like a human still life. The French, refer to it as a “nature morte”, something that is in decay. How will I look like in a year ? In ten years ?  Will Time be generous or not.

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    • julie harms – Author

      Thank you very much for your comments Claudia, there are always appreciated. I visited the Modern Tate several years ago, one room had a fast forward video of a fruit bowl. Since Time was fast forwarded, I could witness the fruit rapidly decaying and almost dissapearing in some kind of moldy dust, in just a couple of seconds. It really impressed me. I am not sure if the work is still on display, but if I ever visit the museum again, I will certainly look for it.

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  1. I think that’s a great idea. I just saw the Elaine de Kooning exhibition “Portraits” at the Smithsonian National Museum of Art and was blown away. I thought too, that I should do a portrait every now and then of not only me, but my partner in life.


    • julie harms – Author

      Exactly ! When I started painting myself, I realised that it was more than just piling up a group of colors on a surface in a way that it would look like me. There was the way I felt like at the moment, the thoughts I carried that I believe are surely behind the strokes of my brush. I think a self portrait is like taking a picture of your mind at a certain time of your life. It becomes your own personal heirloom.


    • julie harms – Author

      Hello, The background for the portrait is a painting of mine called “composition Florentine”. You’ll find it on my blog, It was inspired by Gozzoli’s Magi. Gozzoli is an Italian painter I absolutely love. Thank you for asking and dropping by my blog.

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