Yellow flowers 2013

Yellow flowers. 2013. J.Harms. Oil on canvas.

Yellow flowers. 2013. Oil on canvas. 24×30 cm. J.Harms.

Nature has always been a hard thing for me to paint. A conundrum. I love watching it, but I can’t grasp the lines, I can never get the colors to vibrate. Tamed nature is as far as I’ll go. A simple bouquet is all I can do.

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    • julie harms – Author

      Thanks for your comment ! At the moment in France, Spring is everywhere. Light is coming back, flowers are blooming…we’re lucky.


  1. This is lovely, especially the colours and i’m sure you can paint nature too! Maybe try painting it when there are some shadows which makes it easier because they give more shapes and contrast.

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      • julie harms – Author

        I don’t know about you, but I paint flowers in between other works as a means to “wash my eyes” and use oil paint. Oil is not my favorite medium but the colors are more saturated than with acrylics. I am currently working on several flower paintings, and waiting for them to dry so I can add another coat…and another coat…and another coat, it’s a never ending story 🙂


      • No i decided to go heavy body acrylic as i like the immediacy even though oils are superior. I usually make collage mixed media but only this year started the still life work. The wash my eyes thing (love that) for me is the little ephemeral stuff i post on instagram. I hope you can have a look annewarrenart. Say hi if you have a look.


      • Oops sorry i posted something and it seems to have disappeared. I choose acrylic fir its quick dry time. My ‘wash my eyes’ thingy is my ephemeral collage. I would love you to have a look at my posts on instagram annewarrenart.


      • julie harms – Author

        I love your little collages of dancers, I find it so very poetic. I haven”t an instagram account yet, but that didn’t stop me from visiting you there. 🙂


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