Urban jungle 2015

Urban jungle. 2015. J.Harms

22×30,5 cm. J.harms. Edition of 29 limited prints.

Toutes ces voitures sont garer en contrebas du Sacré Coeur. C’est les bêtes endormies de la jungle urbaine.

Around the Sacré Coeur. I couldn’t help but think that all these cars were like a pack of sleeping animals nestled in the urban jungle.

I love the composition of this one, with the trees in the foreground. That’s hard to do, so that they don’t overpower the scene, but break it into pieces they way they do, so that we just glimpse parts. So much more interesting than the scene alone without them – we have to participate. I imagine myself looking through the trees at this vista. Just great.

the composition is great Julie – the painting really leads you into the street as the main focal point – and it’s interesting that the trees actually visually force you to do this..

In french we have this saying “c’est l’arbre qui cache la forêt” (it’s the tree that hides the forest) we usually use this metaphore when we tend to pay more attention to a detail than the big picture. I had this in mind when painting that particular scenery. I also like trees in general. They’re often used for backgrounds in landscapes, like foliage in a flower bouquet is usually used to enhance the flowers. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate you taking the time 🙂