Noël à Orry-La-Ville 2014

noel a orry la ville. j.Harms - Copie

Noël à Orry-La-Ville. 2014. 51,5×50 cm. Acrylic on Paper. Julie Harms. ( Private collection.)

Almost every Wednesday morning I drive through Orry-La-Ville, a town close to Chantilly and Senlis, in France. The city in itself is not as charming as the ones surrounding it, except for a small old Church built in its center and literally surrounded by a road. Across the road, opposite the Church entrance, a small park-like area with trees, benches, and a yellow facade bakery at the back.  The city was getting ready to celebrate Christmas. The trees and the bakery were covered  with decorations. That particular day with its shining sun , its blue sky, the shade under the trees, without those decorations,  who would have known that Christmas was just a few days ahead…

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