Les Mimosas De Mesubenomori 2013

Les mimosas de Mesubenomori. 2013. 80x120cm. Acrylique et pastel à l'huile sur papier.

80×120 cm. Acrylic and oil pastel on paper.

À Nagasaki, j’allais souvent au parc Mesubenomori arboré de mimosas. i.

While living in Nagasaki, I often went to Mesubenomori park , where beautiful mimosa trees grow.

It’s in Furukawa machi area. Near Hamano machi. The club is a “cafe gallery” place. On the ground floor there’s a cafe and in the back a small room to exhibit. On the first floor is a large space that artists share to paint. I paid a monthly fee of several thousand yen. The price allowed me to access the painting space. I usually went there after my work because it was open until late. The owner is an artist too, but I needed an interpreter the first time I went there. If you can find someone that reads Japanese, you can go on their website or their facebook page to get more details. I had been painting for almost 20 years before going to Japan. It was in that club that I found my “artistic voice” after almost quitting my art. Thanks again for visiting my blog.

I like the picture of the mimosa. I have just arrived in Sydney and have been looking at some aboriginal art. Your techniche of point making is very similar. I was thinking of having a go myself when I get home. Thanks for your interest in my work.