Coffee Break 2012

Coffee Break. 2012. Julie Harms

Acrylic  on canvas – 65×80 cm

C’est jour de marché à Senlis. Assis à l’ombre, un couple discute.

It’s market day in Senlis, France. Sitting in the shade, a couple is chatting.

6 responses to “Coffee Break 2012”

  1. Mike Schultz Paintings Avatar
    Mike Schultz Paintings

    There’s so much about this painting that I like— the composition and colors, that yellow rectangle, the way you handled the shadow on the wall… Well done, and thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks ! Check out my other paintings. Feel free to comment.

      1. Mike Schultz Paintings Avatar
        Mike Schultz Paintings

        Thanks, Julie, I’ll do that. The way you use color is also reminiscent of one of my favorite painters– Fairfield Porter. Do you know his work? If not you might like his paintings.

      2. Thanks for sharing this with me. I didn’t know who Porter was until I googled him this afternoon. It really does seem familiar with what I do. It’s nice to know that there are other artists sharing the same vision.

      3. Mike Schultz Paintings Avatar
        Mike Schultz Paintings

        I like “My Little Murano” that you just posted. I think Fairfield Porter is a painter’s painter. He’s one of those artists who when I look at his work I feel like there is always so much more to learn about the craft. Plus, he was painting like that when when everyone else was doing abstract expressionism. I went to college literally right across the street from this painting, which I don’t think I even understood until years later. But it is this painting of his was reminiscent to me of your Coffee break painting with the nice blocks of full color. Anyway, happy painting!

      4. Hi Mike, Thank you for sharing this piece of memory.

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