• L’Assemblée. 2016

    L’Assemblée. 2016

    30x40cm. Acrylic on paper. Pendant ma visite du château d’Edimbourg, j’ai croisé ce groupe de touristes absorbés par les explications de leur guide. While visiting Edinburgh castle, I came across a group of very interested tourists, truly absorbed by their guide.

  • La ville. 2016

    La ville. 2016

    46×63 cm. Acrylic on paper. Toutes les strates d’Edimbourg… All the layers of Edinburgh…

  • Le rond-point. 2016

    Le rond-point. 2016. J.Harms. 39 x 49,5cm. Acrylic on paper. This is the second painting illustrating my trip, this past January, to Edinburgh. It depicts a street near the famous Victoria street. I was struck by the geometry of this particular scenery. Triangles, circles and rectangles. I read a short essay on Bauhaus recently, and…

  • The roundabout. 2016

    The roundabout. 2016

    39 x 49,5cm. Acrylic on paper. C’est le deuxième tableau qui illustre mon voyage à Edimbourg. On voit un angle de rue près de Victoria street. J’aime les nombreuses formes géométriques, triangles, cercles, rectangles qu’on y voit. Le ciel est jaune car c’est comme cela que je m’en souviens. Mais en réalité il faisait gris…

  • Today Nagasaki

    Today Nagasaki

    And a Happy Birthday to Sayaka Takahashi, one of its citizen, English teacher extraordinaire, who, a couple years ago, while I was working in Nagasaki, found a painting spot for me near my appartment, and by that actively participated in helping me find my artistic voice. Domo arigato Sayaka chan !

  • Luss 2015

    Luss 2015

    29×39 cm. Acrylic on paper. (Private collection.) Luss sur le loch Lomond. Overlooking Loch Lomond at Luss.

  • Yes and No. n°2

    Yes and No, n°2. 2015. J.Harms. 30.5×21.5 cm. Acrylic on canvas. How many times can one witness a piece of History in one’s lifetime ?

  • Yes and No. 2015

    Yes and No. 2015

    30.5×21.5 cm. Acrylic on canvas. Combien de fois peut-on être témoin d’un morceau d’histoire dans ça vie ? How many times can one witness a piece of History in one’s lifetime ?

  • My Little Burano. The Yellow House 2013

    Here’s another small colorful painting for the “Little Burano” serie I’m working on. The Yellow House. Acrylic on paper. 5 x 15 cm.

  • My Little Burano. Colorful Street 2013

    My little Burano. Colorful street. Acrylic on paper 2013. 15×15 cm. Julie Harms.