Le lac laiteux. The 6th Continent. 9/365. 2016

le lac laiteux. J.Harms - Copie

Le Lac Laiteux. The 6th Continent 9/365. 2016. J.Harms. 10x15cm. Acrylic on paper.

At one point the wanderer needs to come down those cloudy heights of his. It’s the dawn of a new day over the milky lake.

Yellow flowers 2013

Yellow flowers. 2013. J.Harms. Oil on canvas.

Yellow flowers. 2013. Oil on canvas. 24×30 cm. J.Harms.

Nature has always been a hard thing for me to paint. A conundrum. I love watching it, but I can’t grasp the lines, I can never get the colors to vibrate. Tamed nature is as far as I’ll go. A simple bouquet is all I can do.

Noël à Orry-La-Ville 2014

noel a orry la ville. j.Harms - Copie

Noël à Orry-La-Ville. 2014. 51,5×50 cm. Acrylic on Paper. Julie Harms. ( Private collection.)

Almost every Wednesday morning I drive through Orry-La-Ville, a town close to Chantilly and Senlis, in France. The city in itself is not as charming as the ones surrounding it, except for a small old Church built in its center and literally surrounded by a road. Across the road, opposite the Church entrance, a small park-like area with trees, benches, and a yellow facade bakery at the back.  The city was getting ready to celebrate Christmas. The trees and the bakery were covered  with decorations. That particular day with its shining sun , its blue sky, the shade under the trees, without those decorations,  who would have known that Christmas was just a few days ahead…

Les Mimosas De Mesubenomori 2013

Les mimosas de Mesubenomori. 2013. 80x120cm. Acrylique et pastel à l'huile sur papier.

Les Mimosas de Mesubenomori. 2013. 80×120 cm. Acrylic and oil pastel on paper.

In Nagasaki, I often went to Mesubenomori park. Around it bloom beautiful mimosa trees. I first began painting this picture in 2009 at the XXX Indies Art Club in Nagasaki. A small place where artists can rent a space to paint, meet other local artists and exhibit. I never could render the small coton like flowers of the mimosas, though. So I rolled up my picture and brought it back to France where it stayed in a corner for 4 years. A couple months ago I began using oil pastels. I like the rich texture of them. They’re wonderful to use. It didn’t take long before I made the connection between the softness, the rich yellow tone and the powdered flower. And Voilà !

The Yellow Street, Venice 2011

The yellow street. Julie Harms

The yellow street (Venice 2011)
Acrylic  on paper – 40×60 cm  (private collection)

In a very narrow street, on a February day in Venice. The weather is freezing cold.

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