Neige fondante sur la place Niville. 2018

Neige fondante sur la place Niville. 2018. J.Harms. Acrylic on paper. 50x40cm.

The snow has begun melting, puddles are forming, but the triangle shaped “place Niville”, the second village square in my village retains a bit of its white blanket. Already the weather seems to warm up. I wish I could retain the snow just a little bit more.

The Prieuré Under The Snow 2010

The prieuré under the snow. Julie Harms

The Prieuré under the snow (2010).
Acrylic on paper – 43×62 cm (private collection)

At the back, the maritime pines, guardians  of the cemetery.
Children shouting  during their mid-morning  break in the nearby schoolyard.
The bells of Saint-Martin church.

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