La place du fort sous la neige. 2018

La place du fort sous la neige. 2018. J.Harms. 29 x 39 cm. Acrylic on red paper.

I love snowscapes, so when my village got heavily covered in snow a couple weeks ago, I immediately went out to take pictures. I wanted to paint it. Not many people were out and about, but a couple foot prints on the Place du fort, one of the two village squares, were proof that another soul had been here possibly pulling a two-wheeled cart of some kind.


A Landscape Covered In Snow 2010

A landscape covered in snow. Julie Harms

A landscape covered with snow (2010)
Acrylic on paper – 43×63 cm
A road that leads to the forest  down at the back.
Memories of long walks.   The beginning of an adventure.

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