Circulez 2012

Circulez. Julie Harms

Circulez (2012)
Acrylic on canvas – 110×110 cm

Not very far from the Moulin de La Galette, I came across this large space dominated by vertical lines.
It felt like walking on an island.
Cars can’t park, pedestrians cross it without lingering.

“No” in Montmartre 2012

“No” in Montmartre (2012)
Acrylic on canvas – 85×110 cm (private collection)

The Sacré Coeur is built at the top of a hill and one must climb numerous stairs in order to reach it. The crowd mainly concentrates in front of the building. The back is a little deserted by tourists. One can walk back down to the city peacefully, or just stand there and look at the layers of streets and buildings unfolding at ones foot.

By Montmartre 2012

By Montmartre. Julie Harms

By Montmartre. 2012. J.Harms
Acrylic  on canvas – 97×125 cm. (Private collection.)

It’s Sunday morning. After a light brunch “chez Marcel”, I’m taking a stroll around Montmartre.

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