Le passage de la Fenêtre. The 6th Continent. 8/365. 2016

Le passage de la Fenêtre. Le 6ème continent  8-365. 2016. J.Harms. 10x15cm. Acrylic on paper.1

Le Passage de la Fenêtre. The 6th Continent. n°8. 2016. J.Harms. 10x15cm. Acrylique on paper.

The wanderer continues his journey down the slops of the mountain…Upon the narrow deadly paths he walks slowly. His life depending on the light he holds and the careful steps he takes.


Le château. 2016

le château. 2016. J.Harms

Le château. 2016. J.Harms. 45x63cm. Acrylic on paper.

“The castle” stands proudly at the foot of the castle that stands proudly…

Along the loch. 2016

Along the Loch. 2016. J.Harms. 19x25cm. Acrylic on paper.

Along the loch. 2016. J.Harms. 19×25 cm. Acrylic on paper.

While currently working on a serie of paintings illustrating my last trip to Edinburgh, I came across this old picture of a tour  of Scotland I had gone on a couple years ago. One of our first stops outside from Glasgow was at a small place called Luss on the shores of loch Lomond. For some reason, I had completely forgotten about this particular shot. While browsing through one of my old memory cards, I was drawn by the variation of greens in the background foliage in this scene. I often shy away from painting nature, I can never really grasp the lines. In this painting however, I think I didn’t do too bad.

Le passage étroit. the 6th continent 7/365. 2016

passage etroit. J.Harms - Copie

Le passage étroit. The 6th continent n°7. 2016. J.Harms. 10×15 cm. Acrylic on paper.

After a short respite the traveller continues his journey. He follows the narrow path that will lead him down to more hospitable grounds.

Le pignon orange. 2016

le pignon orange. J.Harms - Copie

Le pignon orange. 2016. J.Harms. 29x39cm. Acrylic on paper.

I have had the chance to wander through the streets of Edinburgh this past January. The city inspired me very much, and I must say that I couldn’t wait to paint it. After spending some time walking on Calton hill, I spotted this very colorful house down the hill. The deep and bright orange stood out boldly in the surrounding blacks and browns.

Maisons à st-Valery. 2016

Maisons de la baie à St-Valery. 2016. J.Harms. 20x28.5cm. Acrylique sur papier.

Maisons à st-Valery. 2016. J.Harms. 20×28,5cm. Acrylic on paper.

With “Les volets verts”, this represents another view from the bay taken from almost the same position but at another angle. I love to paint views from a higher ground looking down. This painting is the last one in my short serie on the lovely town of St Valéry-sur-Somme.

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