• Sandra’s place. 2021

    Sandra’s place. 2021

    Acrylic on paper. 29x39cm. Visiting old acquaintances, Childhood memories, Summers in Wisconsin.

  • The road ahead. 2021

    The road ahead. 2021

    Acrylic on paper. 29x39cm. On attend à la croisée des chemins,il faut aller droit devant,encore 5 à 6 kilomètres à faire. Waiting at the crossroad,the way to go is straight ahead,another 5 or 6 kilometers to go.

  • L’arbre me sourit. Michel Bohbot/ Julie Harms. 2021

    L’arbre me sourit. Michel Bohbot/ Julie Harms. 2021

    Un petit livret en mots et en couleurs. les poèmes de Michel Bohbot accompagnent mes peintures. Merci Michel. A small booklet with thoughtful words and vibrant colors, Michel Bohbot’s poems illustrate my work. Thank you Michel.

  • Yearly self-portrait and bits and pieces. 2021

    Yearly self-portrait and bits and pieces. 2021

    Acrylic on paper. 2021. J.Harms. A collection of trees and greens, My face, That’s all folks (for now).

  • Le Grand Salon 2018

    Le Grand Salon 2018

    J’ai le plaisir de vous informer que j’exposerai mes tableaux de nouveau au Grand Salon d’Art Abordable à Paris ce début novembre. I’m happy to announce that I will be exhibiting again at the Grand Salon D’Art Abordable in Paris in the beginning of November. This is the French twist to the affordable Art Fairs…

  • Surface de contact 2016

    Surface de contact 2016

    Mes tableaux s’exposent de nouveau !  A l’Espace L’ISSUE, 38 rue Quincampoix à Paris, du 24 au 26 Juillet ! I will show some of my paintings along side Chinese and French artists in Paris from July 24 to July the 26th ! How exciting !

  • The date 2014

    The date. 2014. Acrylic on paper. 24x44cm. By Julie Harms. (Private collection). Walking up the street to the Sacré Coeur, on a cold winter day, a happy couple. The man is taking snap shots of his date. The scenery is like something out of a fairy tale.