At The Foot Of Spectacle Bridge 2009

At the foot of spectacle bridge. Julie Harms

At the Foot of Spectacle Bridge by Julie Harms

At the foot of Spectacle Bridge in Nagasaki (2010)
Acrylic  on paper – 33×41 cm (private collection)

The town disappears below the bridge. Children play, take pictures… The town is above their heads… This bridge shared my life for a year and a half inviting me to see beyond appearances.

Lantern Festival In Nagasaki 2009

Lantern festival in Nagasaki. Julie Harms

Lantern festival in Nagasaki (2009)
Acrylic  on paper. Framed –  49,5×75 cm (private collection)

From café Foglio, just a minute away from my apartment …
A large window overlooks the river … Through the green foliage, the glimpse of an eye belonging to the famous Spectacle Bridge. Orange lanterns hang, reminding me of the festival to come … Soon, it will be dark and hundreds of lanterns will light up …

A Solitary Tree In Nagasaki 2009

A solitary tree. Julie Harms

A solitary tree in Nagasaki (2009)
Acrylic on paper –  Framed  59,5×74 cm (private collection)

I usually walked through the shopping arcade to go to work when it rained or simply to avoid the scorching sun… Two streets cross the arcade. A lonely tree stands at the far end of one of them…

O-Kunchi 2008

Tableaux JU 016_modifié-1

First O-Kunchi in Nagasaki (2008)
Acrylic on paper – Framed  56×75 cm. (private collection)

…  The town celebrates O-Kunchi. From my balcony I watch mothers all dressed-up  walking towards the elementary school and children waiting for the dragon to  come and dance for them, followed by the heavy portable shrine shaped like a  boat that will soon roll by…

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