La ferme Ferté. 2021

Acrylic on paper. 29x39cm. (2018) Private collection.

I kept this painting in my discard pile for a couple years, I meant to finish it and then thought better of it.

A couple years ago it snowed in my village. Since it’s a rare occurence, I took many pictures. Some of them made it to a painting. Some in the bin.

I thought maybe it could be added to this year’s collection of paintings.

Neige fondante sur la place Niville. 2018

Neige fondante sur la place Niville. 2018. J.Harms. Acrylic on paper. 50x40cm.

The snow has begun melting, puddles are forming, but the triangle shaped “place Niville”, the second village square in my village retains a bit of its white blanket. Already the weather seems to warm up. I wish I could retain the snow just a little bit more.

Noël à Orry-La-Ville 2014

noel a orry la ville. j.Harms - Copie

Noël à Orry-La-Ville. 2014. 51,5×50 cm. Acrylic on Paper. Julie Harms. ( Private collection.)

Almost every Wednesday morning I drive through Orry-La-Ville, a town close to Chantilly and Senlis, in France. The city in itself is not as charming as the ones surrounding it, except for a small old Church built in its center and literally surrounded by a road. Across the road, opposite the Church entrance, a small park-like area with trees, benches, and a yellow facade bakery at the back.  The city was getting ready to celebrate Christmas. The trees and the bakery were covered  with decorations. That particular day with its shining sun , its blue sky, the shade under the trees, without those decorations,  who would have known that Christmas was just a few days ahead…

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