Vue sur la baie à St-Valery. 2015

Vue sur la baie. J.Harms.

Vue sur la baie à St-Valery. 2015. J.Harms. Acrylic on paper. 29x39cm.

Along the bay there are colorful houses at St-Valéry-sur-Somme.

9 responses to “Vue sur la baie à St-Valery. 2015”

  1. The color contrasts are mesmerizing. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for this nice comment, the colors create such a contrast that I often needed to blink. My eyes were getting tired. 🙂

      1. I can imagine!
        It’s very lovely.

  2. Ces deux personnages qui semblent surgir d’un ciel au bleu intense, pour découvrir cette rue bariolée, apportent une émotion et un début d’histoire…

    1. Vous avez raison Francis 🙂

  3. I love how the houses sort of are lined up like people on a bench. Such personality each one has!

    1. My thoughts exactly 🙂 thank you for seeing it !

  4. Love your use of color and shape. There is a quietness to this for me which I find appealing. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m a quiet painter, I suppose it shows…

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